Soda Tea Can 330 ml


Soda Tea Can 330 ml

Tea with shocking soda ( Can), volume 330 ml

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Soda Tea ( Can ) 330 ml

PT. Sinar Sosro innovating again by developing carbonated tea beverages with brands Tebs which released in 2004.

Tebs advantages compared with other carbonated beverages are made from raw Tebs Tea Extract, Extract Rosella and Concentrated Fruit Extract. Wherein each of the respective raw materials possessed benefits to the body.
Regular Tebs manufactured with raw material that is mixed with the Black Tea Extracts fruit concentrates. While Tebs Maroon issued in 2011 with the raw material of Black Tea Extract Rosella.

Tebs comes in various packages, namely:

1. Packaging glass bottles, 230 ml volume
2. Packaging cans (Can), volume 330 ml
3. Packaging PET plastic bottle, volume 500 ml

For you who want to enjoy Tebs MAROON only in packs of 500 ml alone.
Tebs has a tagline that is in accordance with its unique flavor soda “Tea With Shocking Soda”



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